Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joker's Birthday Surprise.

Saturday, February 6, 2010...Early Afternoon…Somewhere on New Jersey Turnpike.

Forty eight! How did I get to be so old? Who am I kidding, I do feel old. Well at least some times, especially on a cold Jersey winter days like today. Damnit, why is this traffic not moving? I really want to get home before the snow storm starts. Just my fucking luck to end up with a snow storm on my birthday weekend. There goes the plan to whisk Emm to the City for couple of nights. On the other hand, we can spend the weekend locked away in our bedroom, with fireplace and a good bottle of wine. Its Katie’s turn to spend the weekend with her dad, and hopefully the snow will keep April from dropping in with the kids. Mmmmm, a weekend in bed with Emm may be just the cure to chase away the birthday blues. Just hope she is finally feeling better… Damn flu… Lilly brought it home and promptly “shared” with everyone. Every kid got it for few days…adults got even “luckier”, theirs lasted for over a week. Poor Emma had it the worst, she felt so bad about not being able to share the “Grammy Moment” with us…but ended up staying back home in bed… Bed…that is exactly where we shall spend this weekend!

A loud noise jerked David back to the reality. The traffic was slowly starting to move and the driver behind him was letting him know. Sighing, he eased his Mercedes into a slow drive.

Where was I? Oh yes….Emm! How did I get so lucky? Kids…that’s it…kids! It was our daughters that brought us together almost a year ago. It was supposed to be a practical joke, a payback from a pissed off teen. Funny how that all worked out. After initial shock wore off, we really clicked. The next two months were full of late night phone calls and weekend dates. Then I finally convinced her to have a lunch with my brothers. Imagine that! A fan that did not want to meet the rest of the band! Well, that’s my Emma! Shy and hesitant at first, then as soon as she starts to feel comfortable, her true inner beauty starts to shine through and promptly captures your heart and soul. Never fails, she seems to endear anyone and everyone she meets, man or woman, young or old, gay or straight…they all fall for her charm and sincerity and genuine care and affection. She got a “seal of approval” from all of my brothers, Michelle, Joe, and even mom. Flo was the one who told me she’ll kill me if I lose that one! So I surprised every one, including Emm and myself by asking her to marry me barely four months after we first met. It was her 35th birthday, and I talked her into allowing me to whisk her away to a weekend in Bermuda. There we spent two glorious days soaking up the sun and frolicking on the pink sand and in the turquoise water of our secluded little paradise. There, on our last night…I “popped the question”. When we returned to the reality and our families, I succeeded in talking her into moving in with me before the wedding. Using the excuse that Katie should not have to move and change schools in the middle of the school year. It worked! Katie, after initial shock settled in, was thriving in the Colts Neck High School. Luckily for us, our daughters had really hit it off from the start. Both Katie and Gaby bonded faster then crazy glue. First commiserating over the horror of their parents actually hooking up and carrying on an affair. Then the other common interests like their mutual obsession over “everything Twilight” and “everything boys” sealed the deal. Colton and Lilly were so much easier…they just “went along with the flow”. Though Colton did grumble about “the nerve his dad had to add another sister to the family”. Ahhh…There was the turn into my cul-de-sac loop and my driveway.

David parked his car in the garage, entered his home and promptly stepped into the waiting embrace of his wife!
Life is good…after all!

Saturday, February 6, 2010...Late Morning…Colts Neck, New Jersey.

Emma sat down in the kitchen chair and sighed. She just returned from dropping off Katie at her father’s house for his custodial weekend. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she only had about an hour or so left before David would be home. Shaking off the ever present fatigue, she got up and went to get the birthday wrapping paper she got last night. Tomorrow is David’s birthday, and she had to wrap his last minute gift.

Yes, David…. How did I get to this point? Kids, that’s how! Our lovely teenage daughters, plotting their revenge on their unsuspecting parents, inadvertently set us up. And now look where it got us!

She looked at her left hand and smiled at the still very shiny rings. Then looking at the picture frame in her hands, she went back to her task of wrapping up his gift.

When I agreed to take Katie to that “Twilight” party a year ago, never in a million years did I even imagine I would be meeting and falling in love with David Bryan. Well technically, I was in love with him for years…At least in lust with the “onstage persona” of David Bryan the Rock Star. That magical night in Bermuda that changed my life… the night he asked me to marry him. The night I did the craziest thing ever…and said yes! The next few months that followed were pure madness of packing, moving, settling in and planning a “destination wedding”. Where else could I possibly marry this man of my dreams except on the same beach where he proposed, in our personal Paradise called Bermuda! And it all worked out well! Against all odds, David managed to convince Jon not to schedule any tour promotions in the week between Christmas and New Year. Well, Dorothea also helped by threatening him with bodily harm if he did not take a family vacation before starting an eighteen month tour! The rest was just minor details… Luckily, Dorothea did not mind spending that vacation in Bermuda instead their usual St. Barts. Richie and Tico also did not put up a fight at an all paid for vacation either.

She put the final piece of tape on the small flat box and attached the silver bow.

Luckily we both did not want a formal wedding, since it was a second time around for both of us. The pale beige and gold sundress for me, turquoise dresses for Katie, Gaby and Lilly… Black Bermuda Shorts and simple white shirts for David, Jon, Richie and Tico. A simple, flower decorated Chupah…a very liberal rabbi….our families and the gorgeous Bermuda sunset…. That’s all we wanted. And we got it!

She sighed again and started to pace.

I hope he doesn’t freak out. I mean we did talk about this, Its just that we did not reach a decision… and now it has been decided for us…

Emma looked out of the large kitchen window and saw David’s car pulling into the driveway as the first large snow flakes started to fall. She quickly added the newly wrapped package to the rest of the gifts and went to greet her husband.

Sunday, February 7, 2010...10am…Colts Neck, New Jersey.

They both woke up at the same time.

Opening his eyes, David looked at the smiling woman in his arms. Smiling back at her he gently pushed an unruly curl off her face. She smirked…and returned the favor.

“Happy birthday my love” whispered Emma. “What would you like for breakfast, Birthday Boy?”

“You!” came the reply.

“You’re insatiable for a man of your age!”

David gave her a stunned look and rolled on top of her with a growl.

“Are you calling me an old man???? You…you…little minx!”

Giggles were her only answer….

He lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth. Emma gasped at the intensity of the sensation and arched her back. David spent long minutes nuzzling, licking, caressing and sucking his wife’s ample breasts before kissing a path down her belly to that heat source that was pulling him in. Emma’s soft moans encouraged him to gently part her soft succulent folds and lick, suck and worship her womanhood.

Feeling her orgasm approaching, Emma gently tugged on David’s curls. “I want you inside for this PLEASE” she moaned.
Looking surprised a bit, David slid up her body and complied. She usually likes the long foreplay…what’s up with that? But who am I to complain?

Emma felt him entering her slowly, inch by a delicious inch, and gave a satisfied sigh “Oh Yes!!! That’s It baby! Bring me home!”

David grunted, and for the next few minutes their bodies moved in the dance as old as times…

They both reached the Nirvana at the same time and held each other tightly in the post climactic bliss… Nothing was said…No words were necessary.

About half an hour later, they were sitting in the kitchen wrapped in soft robes, their hair a mass of wet curls after their shower. Looking over the rim of his coffee mug at the arctic landscape outside, David smiled “I guess it’s a birthday party for two, my love!”

“Complaining sweetheart?” She laughed

“Not in the least. But maybe I should wait to open presents until later…MUCH later I guess. I don’t think the roads will be cleared until tomorrow. The kids will be upset if I don’t wait for them.”

“Of course…we can leave most of them till the kids are here…but there is one small gift that I do want you to open now” said Emma handing him a small, flat square package “Please David, I NEED you to open this NOW!”

Seeing her lick her lips nervously and bite down on her lower lip, David nodded and reached for the gift she was handing him. He ripped the paper off the small flat box and opened it.

She looked nervously at him as he reached in and pulled out the square frame with a black and white image inside…

David’s breath hitched as he stared at the frame in his hands. The hazy, cone shaped black and white image…

“Emm, my love, does this mean what I think it means?” he whispered.

She nodded, smiling at the expression of pure happiness that washed over her husband’s face as he gazed at the framed ultrasound picture….

“This is the best birthday present my love!” he whispered into her hair as he pulled his wife into his arms. “Thank you!”

Emma hugged him back.

“Uhmmm, Emm, my love…What are those two circles marked “A” and “B”?!?!?!”

The End.


Judith said...

Ohhhh boy! LMAO! Twins again! :P

I love the birthday story!!! :)

It´s great to see you back to writing girl!

Bayaderra said...

Thank you Judith!
The "curly muse" does visit me occasionally! ROFLMAO!

Teri said...

I wish you would pick this up again. I like the way you write David. Think about it.... Please???

Great story. Thank you